Come behind the scenes and see how
our collaboration with Mexican street artist
Ruben Carrasco took shape…

The mural “The Restoration of Nature” depicts the close relationship between industry, Nature and art throughout history, along with the intensive efforts made to restore the balance with the environment.

About this mural…

The components that make up the mural “The Restoration of Nature” are inspired by two themes central to Belgian history: the industrial era and landscape painting. A concept that establishes a direct connection between nature and modern-day industrial activity, and a relationship in which companies like Derichebourg play an important part by creating a balance with the environment.

The landscape is inspired by the Romantic era in landscape painting known as “the picturesque” and its pictorial narration, which shines the light on the wild character and beauty of natural landscapes, preserved from human intervention and urbanization. This form of landscape painting came into being when people began to realize the beauty of these quiet places, and fear that they might disappear completely with time.

At the bison’s hoofs are outlines of emblematic buildings that symbolize the different historical periods of the city of Brussels. Unlike the rest of the mural, which respects the aesthetics of 18th century landscape painting, this red graphic component was spray-painted to create a stylistic contrast that represents the contemporary era.


Rubén Carrasco is a Mexican artist based in Montreal, Canada since 2010. He studied Visual Arts and Graphic Design in both countries and began his career as a stage designer.

During his professional experience, he also made forays into the world of tattooing, photography, graphic design and the production of urban art festivals. Alongside traditional art, Rubén has always kept up a close relationship with digital art. His first NFT was recently shown in Paris, at the Goldshteyn Saatort Gallery as part of the collective Astro Cyber exhibition.

He has participated in individual and group exhibitions, Mural festivals, biennials and in presentations in China, Italy, Germany, Spain, Belize, Cuba, USA, Israel, Mexico, France, South Africa, Belgium and Canada.


Álvaro Melgosa is a multidisciplinary artist of Spanish origin who collaborated with Rubén Carrasco in the past, producing murals in Canada and digital projects.

His involvement in the project began with his participation as motion designer for the videos of the mural made for Derichebourg in Chalon-sur-Saône, France, in 2020. His experience as artistic director and his background in the world of graffiti were decisive for the creation of this mural in Belgium.

His most prominent customers include: Ayto Burgos, San Miguel, Hoffman, Movistar Team, Volkswagen, Correos and Starlite.